Our Ingredients

Rice Protein:
Natural, plant-derived ingredients. Environmentally friendly and allergen friendly, Rice Protein is becoming an increasingly popular source of modern-day protein powders for not only those following a vegan lifestyle, but also those who just prefer a plant-based protein powder.

Pea Protein:
Unlike animal-origin protein powders, pea protein is easy to digest as it contains no lactose or gluten's, making is easier to absorb, and helping to prevent bloating. Pea Protein is also cholesterol & fat-free.

Bamboo Fibre:
Allergen-free, natural source of fiber, contributing to the proper functioning of the intestines.

Carob Powder:
Harvested from the Carob tree, this powder is a low-fat, non-allergenic and non-stimulating alternative to cacao which contains valuable nutrients whilst being high in fiber

Cellulose Gum:
Cellulose Gum is a natural substance derived from cellulose. It's commonly used as a thickener, binder and stabilizer in a variety of food and is allergen-free.

Stevia Extracts :
Stevia is a pure natural sweetener with a 0 glycemic index, which also makes it easy on the stomach.

We add in small amounts of natural flavouring to enhance the taste of AbsoRice.